KGS-3 - Discontinued

KGS-3 - Discontinued

Software para FleetSync® AVL e Dispatch Messaging

Principais Caraterísticas

Disponível a nova versão 3, usa mapas do cliente (jpg/bmp) ou Microsoft MapPoint 2004/2006 (opcional)
AVL & Dispatcher functions use customers' own maps or Microsoft MapPoint 2004/2006 (purchase separately)
100 Mobile capacity
FleetSync Messaging & Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)
5-Tone/FleetSync Dispatch Signalling & Messaging
Driver Security features include "Emergency", Horn Alert and Stun/Kill commands
Geofencing function
Reporting, Logging and Database features
Single Base Station operation only

COM Software Features

5-Tone CompatibleSim
Administrator FeaturesAdministrator Set-Up Password-Protected, Auto Polling (Base to Mobiles), Auto Reporting per Mobile, Historical Logging/Playback, Emergency/Man-Down Log File Review, WAV File Import for Emergency and New Massages, Default Position, Geofence Alert System, Log Data Database
Call Activity windowSim
Call TypesIndividual, Group, Broadcast (5-Tone)/ Individual, Fleet, Group, Broadcast (FleetSync)
Flexible Short Data MessagingFree Form 48-Character Alphanumeric Text Messages
Long Text Messaging (<4096 Alphanumeric Characters)Sim
Man-Down Emergency ModeSim
Maximum Number of Mobiles Trackable100
Minimum Hardware RequirementsIntel Pentium 3 1GHz or higher, 256Mb Memory or more, 60Mb or more free HDD space (extra for Microsoft MapPoint), CD-Rom Drive for installation, DVD-Rom Drive for MapPoint installation, Serial Port (9600bps), suitable monitor
Minimum Software RequirementsMicrosoft Windows XP Professional SP2 or later, Windows 2000 Professional SP4 or later
Remote Stun/Kill (With Compatible Radios)Sim
Status Message RequestSim
Uses Scanned-In MapsSupports JPEG & BMP Formats
Windows ® OS Graphical Interface20 Coloured Mobile Icons, 30 Status Icons + 1 Emergency Icon, Screen View & Navigation Functions, Quick Access, Mobile Station Tree View List, Mobile Icon Tags (name, unit, status, time and GPS status), Activity History Grid with Colour-Coded Call Indicators, Emergency Panel Alerts, Selected Mobiles can be Viewed or Tracked